when a camper has a SERIOUS medical condition and the parents forget to put it on the med sheet

when you finally get into bed after a really late meeting and you suddenly hear a kid crying

First week back home camp withdrawal

when you say an inside camp joke around your friends and they dont get it


Anonymous asked:

Hi I have been a counselor for 2 years now but this year I will be taking care of girls the same age and older than me. What can i do to make them see me as an authority figure and not a little kid.


Oof, close age gaps are awkward. I haven’t had much experience with a scenario like that at camp (is it that you’re in charge of CITs?). I have taught seniors in high school that have have a small age gap between, though, and it is tough.

I would try to focus on respecting them as young adults, but also making sure they understand what is expected of them. Talk to them and get to know them, so they know that you don’t feel like you’re “better than them” for being in a position of authority, but just find a balance between that and being too much like buddies.


Anonymous asked:

So this week was our first full week and my one camper was sooo unique, but she had put a frog in her pocket & we all saw it but she denied it for like an hour until pick up time when we got it out of her pocket, on of the funniest moments I had this week 😂


Kids and frogs are interesting combinations.

(Though always tell your campers to leave frogs alone! It helps to explain to them that the oils on our skins, and all our sunblock and bug spray are really bad for them!)


istheliteralocean asked:

First time CIT starting tomorrow and for 2 weeks, and I'm a pretty shy person, so I'm nervous as all HECK. It's with the same camp I've gone to for the past 7 years, but still nerve racking. Any advice to start off having tons of fun?


First off, take a deep breath! You’ll be fine.

A good trick if you have a tendency to be shy is to ask the campers the questions—they’ll be doing all the talking that way, and they also get the message from you that you care about them and are interested in getting to know them! Ask about a favorite book, movie, or TV show. If you know similar things, name drop as you feel comfortable (I won some serious bonus points my first night as a counselor telling a few Spiderwick fans that I’d met Holly Black once after letting them name drop a few favorite fantasy novels, for instance).

After a while, they may start asking you questions, too. Feel free to answer them! Campers need to see that you’re a human being, too! (Just remember to keep things camp appropriate if they decide to ask about your relationships and things along those lines—some will)

In addition, it’s okay to blend in a little, observe how others do things, and let others take the lead early on in being a CIT. You’re in a time of transition; you don’t have to be super-CIT on your first few days! Use that time to learn the ropes and get ideas for when you start taking on more leadership roles at camp. If you think you’ll be more comfortable leading a certain activity, or trying something, ask if you can.

It also helps to just ask questions about what counselors, program staff, and others at camp do to everyone around you. It shows you’re interested and that you care, the same way it does for campers.

And the most important thing is to simply be yourself. It’s okay if that means you can be shy and/or quiet. You’re being honest, and kids can tell when you’re trying to be someone you’re not. They’ll appreciate you and your honesty far more than you trying to be a different personality times.

Happy Fourth of July to American followers! Allow me to share a (patriotic?) head canon!

Steve Rogers is/was a camp counselor. I mean, look at this guy! He’s….


Keeping up with pop culture! (Well, sort of, these days… He’s working on it!)

And uses discipline IF/WHEN necessary.

Not to mention how this is totally a camp counselor face when something unexpected happens:

Yet he also manages to stay calm and make everyone smile during chaos



studentdavesprite asked:

I applied this year for a job as a junior camp counselor at a french family camp in my area, but I didn't get the job this year because not enough people were signed up at the location I applied. I'm going to try again next year in the same location, and one of the bigger ones to make sure I can get the chance. And it's hard to come up with a camp name in french (I have a million english ones). Anyway, i love this blog! thanks ^


I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you this summer! I hope you get to work at a camp next year!

And thanks for the love!